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Flight-Track FMS

Flight Management System for DJI Phantom 2 series


About Flight-Track FMS

Flight Track is a Flight Management System (FMS) app for DJI Phantom2 series. You can review all of your past flights, with the time, duration, and a preview of the photos and videos taken. You can track your progress and have a full record of past memories. At the tap of a button, save your Flight Log as blackBox to identify any potential issues and help keep you flying.

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Flight-Track Features

Keep moments

Watch a live video feed direct from the camera right on your screen. Adjust camera settings and use this real-time view to line up the perfect shot.

Aircraft Control

Flight Track FMS App flight system giving you smooth, stable flight. Control algorithms make you feel like you’re riding in the cockpit.

Flight Log

Every moment is an experience to remember. Flight-Track FMS records data on each of your shoots and flights, ready for your review later.

Challenge your friends

Share your work & logs data on a dedicated platform for aerial photographers and filmmakers from around the world.

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Ready to start ? Use the Flight Track app with your DJI Phantom 2 flying platform to unlock expanded features and controls !